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Roland, of Arrowhead Services, received a call for a vehicle stranded in very remote area. It was a particularly hot day in Nevada, with temperatures reaching 115 degrees. Roland made his way through barren and rugged terrain, with no sign of the stranded member. He decided to go over one last hill and there, 200 yards or so down, stuck in the mix of gravel and sand, was the member and his vehicle. The member had run of out of water and was starting to suffer from heat exhaustion. Roland made his way to the member, brought him back to his truck so he could cool off and rehydrate. The member shared with Roland that he was recently retired and had taken up hiking as a new hobby. This is how he ended up stranded in such a remote location. The member repeatedly thanked Roland for not giving up on finding him, even saying that he felt Roland had saved his life.

Roland, when he thinks back on that day, smiles and says, "I was determined to find him no matter how long it took. He is someone's father, husband and I wanted to be sure he made it home okay."

Roland was a Real Hero of the Road to this man who was just trying out a new hobby and found himself in need of help. When you're driving along the highway and you see Roland, a tow provider like him, or other first responders working, think of this story and what his kindness meant to this person. And when you do, please slow down and move over so they can do their job safely. We need tow providers like Roland and so do our members; but most of all, so do their families. Help us keep them safe.

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