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Kansas' Frontier Military Historic Byway

Road Trip

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Wikimedia Commons/Ammodramus
In addition to passing through quaint towns and wildlife areas, Kansas’ Frontier Military Historic Byway is a scenic journey through the state passing by the routes that settlers once used to travel west as well as the site of a Civil War battle.
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Leavenworth to Olathe
As you start your trip in Leavenworth you will drive through some neighborhoods with beautiful homes and manicured lawns. As the avenues open up into US 73, you will head toward Olathe passing by some parks and waterfronts on the continuation road SR 7.
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flickr/Ernie Murphy
Olathe to Fort Scott
Once through Olathe, US 69 cuts into verdant grassy flatlands dotted with trees that have the backdrop of a long-stretching horizon. Soon you will drive through Pleasanton and much of the terrain becomes farmland.
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Fort Scott to Baxter Springs
As you continue the journey down US 160 pass Fort Scott, the farmsteads become more plentiful. US 160 turns into US 400. More trees start to come into view along with the green flatlands which make way for charming downtown Baxter.