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Your Driving Costs

For over 70 years, AAA’s Your Driving Costs has provided members, consumers, and the media with information on the average costs of owning and operating a new automobile.
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Helping Others is the Family Business

Helping people is something Kevin’s family has done for years – through his own towing company rescuing stranded drivers and his work with this local community. So it was no surprise to Kevin when one of his drivers, Scott, went above and beyond when he witnessed a horrific accident.
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Tow Providers Never Give Up

Roland, of Arrowhead Services, received a call for a vehicle stranded in very remote area. He was determined to find him no matter how long it took. He is someone’s father, husband and he wanted to be sure he made it home okay.
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Keeping Cool When Things Heat Up

In the summertime, afternoon temperatures in Florida can easily get above 100 degrees. Johnnie, a tow provider with Meyers Towing, responded to a member whose car had stalled out on the side of the road.
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Giving Back to Those Who Have Served

Hakem, owner of Elite Roadside Assistance, finds helping stranded AAA members to be a very rewarding experience. That’s why he was honored to help a member who served our country make it to his great granddaughter’s graduation.
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Heroes Never Hesitate

Christian was just a few hours into his shift for United Towing when four women ran up to his truck and frantically began yelling for help. His heroic actions saved the lives of two people that night.
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A Young Mother's Gratitude

On a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, a young mother traveling with her three small children found herself stranded when her minivan overheated. C & C Automotive came to the rescue and got the woman and her family back on the go.
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A Tow Providers Instinct is Always to Help Others First

Chad, a tow truck operator, was in a crash with another driver but instead of tending to his own injuries, he rushed to the injured to help. AAA commends this Real Hero of the Road for his selfless act that saved another person’s life.
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the technology illuminates the check engine light and stores the onboard diagnostic (OBD) codes your auto repair professional will use to help pinpoint the underlying issue.

A code reader is needed to access the codes from the vehicle’s computer. Your local auto repair shop or auto parts store typically offer code reading services, or you may have your own code reader to complete this step yourself.
The latest generation of codes (OBD II) are the same for all cars. Each code consists of a five-digit alphanumeric string beginning with the letter P.

Diagnostic Code Translator
Once you have obtained the codes, use the Diagnostic Code Translator tool below to get more information about the issue your car may have. These codes provide the vital clues your auto repair professional will need to identify potential causes of the problem.
Informed Consumer
Diagnostic trouble codes do not automatically mean you will incur an expensive repair. Often a cleaning or part replacement, a new filter or spark plugs, or changing a faulty belt or wire will resolve the issue. The trained technicians and mechanics at AAA Approved Auto Repair shops can assist with your car services and help you avoid spending money on parts and repairs your vehicle may not need.

Check Engine Light
If your check engine light illuminates, take your car to your nearby auto repair shop for evaluation. While immediate service may not always be necessary, it is recommended that you do seek the assistance of your automotive professional as soon as possible to avoid a worsening problem.

If your check engine light flashes while you are operating the vehicle, continue to the nearest safe location. This system alert signifies an issue requiring immediate service.