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341 RV Park

147 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd,, Hazlehurst, Georgia, 31539

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Last Updated: November 19, 2023

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$30per night

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Campground Overview

Check In

Check In Time: 1PM | Please come to the office to sign off on rules and regulations before proceeding to your site. We are happy to accommodate late check-ins, but please give us a call in advance if you will be arriving later than 4 pm so that we can be sure to be there to accommodate you.



● Any banner, sign, or decor that may be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of 341 RV Park will be removed.


● No structures to be built on site. NO wood. Only factory- manufactured canvas-type awning roofs or Silver-Top factory-manufactured roofs are acceptable on screen enclosures (no homemade or poly tarps) but must not be attached to the trailer by screws or nails.

● It is understood that the use of this site at 341 RV Park is for recreational purposes and is not to be considered, in any way, a permanent residence.

● 341 RV Park reserves the right to deny any Guest(s) entry onto campground property for any reason without notification.

● Only single person, two wheeled electric vehicles are permitted Barbie-type Jeeps & Mobility scooters are exempt.

● The term “non-street legal motorized vehicles” refers to ebikes, Stacycs, hoverboards, Barbie Jeeps etc.

● Non- street legal are subject to the following.

● Anyone who owes a balance will not be permitted on the premises after 30 days late. All property and belongings will be removed if not pain in fill and may be pulled off site by an independent contractor who will charge $350.00 site clean up fee and a daily storage fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per day per unit. All belongings will be held or sold in accordance with the local laws.

● Payments should be made at

● Returned Check Fee $30.00.

● No directional signs OF ANY KIND will be erected permanently or temporarily by the Guest anywhere on camp property. Signs include, but are not limited to, “Slow Down” , “Children Playing” , “Speed Limit 5 MPH”, and street signs.

● Site decor should be limited to no more than two banners/flags, 200 ft of lights, 8 potted plants, and ten “other” items. On patriotic holidays, additional American/Armed Forces flags can be flown.

● Site decor that is broken, worn, or faded must be removed.

● Mobility scooters may have more than two (2) wheels when used for restricted purposes: single use and can only be operated by the disabled person.


● Guests are responsible to “winterize” their RVs & Sites, at the Guests expense, at the end of each RV season if RV is left on camp property. Winterizing includes, but is not limited to, removing all patio lights, clothes lines, yard decor, storing furniture in sheds/trailers, etc. Items left on the site may be removed and disposed of.


● Wood piles should not exceed 6’L x 2’W x 4’H.

● All hoses must be disconnected spigots. Any damage to 341 RV Park to Guest neglecting winterizing will result in charges to Guest for repair.


● Pets are welcome.

● Toilets aren’t trash cans: Do not flush anything besides human waste and toilet paper. Never flush or pour down the drain: cooking grease or oil, flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, condoms, dental floss, diapers, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, cat litter, paper towels, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals like bleach, gasoline, oil pesticides, antifreeze, paint or paint thinners.

● All trailers must be maintained, kept clean, neat and free of algae- trailer washing is permitted.


● “New” to 341 RV Park Camping units older than 10 years must be approved by management for Guest site rental and cannot exceed 15 years.

● Trailers must have a frame not to exceed 8ft. X 35ft. Slide-outs are accepted. Only those containing marine/ RV toilets and self contained holding tanks will be accepted. No Park Models accepted.

● Only neatly cut and stacked wood permitted.

● Clear plastic may be used to cover a small wood pile not exceeding our regulations.

● No German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers or Pit bulls. (Unless a Service Dog)

● No pets over 80 lbs. (Unless a Service Dog)

● Maximum two (2) pets if combined weight is under 80lbs.


● One family per campsite. Eligible family members to be listed on contract include: spouses and dependants. All others must pay appropriate visitor fees.


● Sheds/ outbuildings shall not be permitted.

● Fees are not transferable or refundable.

● USE ONLY biodegradable soap and dish soap that are safe for septic. READ THE LABELS!!!


● You MUST GET APPROVAL from management before making ANY IMPROVEMENTS. Without permission you will be told to remove any project not OK’d in advance.


● Only pressure-treated lumber is acceptable, no flake board or plywood. NO PALLETS!!!

● Guest will not hold 341 RV Park liable for any damage caused to trailer, trailer parts, personal belongings in or on the site during treatment. ( time frame for cleaning and that if not done there will be a fee?)


● The use of cannabis is forbidden in accordance with State and Local laws.

● You must clean up after pets.

● Only pets with proof of current Rabies inoculation will be permitted in the park.

● Pets must be on leash or contained at all times and walked by a capable handler.


● Anyone who seeds their site will have to mow and trim it. 341 RV Park will mow open areas where there are no obstacles or cords but the guests will be required to trim around their chairs, tables, etc.



● Guests must occupy the campsite at check-in. If a Guest sets up on another site without permission from the Office, a move to the appropriate site may result.

● Only 5/4” x 6” decking permitted and unit must be portable ( not attached to trailer or installed into the ground)

● Decks should be built into 4’x 8’ sections for easy removal and at ground level.

● Only one 4’ x 8’ uncovered deck per site. That deck cannot encroach on another site.

● So not tie pets outside when leaving your campsite.

● Kitchen garbage ONLY. Must be in a tightly tied plastic bas or tightly closed cardboard box.

● NO BULK ITEMS such as chairs, mattresses, AC’s, TV’s etc. Arrange for pick up (fee charged) at the 341 RV Park Office. Anyone caught dumping bulk items will be fined $75.00 and fined or evicted.

● Please place inside openings, it is necessary to fill the back wall of the dumpster before the front is loaded.

● Decks may not exceed SF trailer, shed, or screen room.

● Decks may not exceed SF trailer, shed, or screen room.

● Before building a deck, get permission from the Office to show us that you will build to our specifications.

● Trailer decks cannot be joined to screen room decks- must be two (2) separate decks.

● NO fountains.


● Sites must be neatly maintained in an orderly fashion and UNCLUTTERED at all times.

● Only items being used should be on the site. Items such as buckets, boards, paint cans, screen panels, a ladder, broken chairs, etc, must be skirting under the trailer.

● All refrigerators, coolers, sinks, cabinets,etc., must be contained INSIDE the camping unit or screen room.


● Only one fire ring per campsite.


● Digging is not permitted without approval from management to insert plants, posts, foundations, etc. Underground wires, and pipes can be damaged. Repairs are at the Guests expense.

● Stacking two or more rings will not be permitted.

● Dogs or cats are not to roam free.

● Barking or problem pets are not welcome.

● If underground repairs or tree removal is necessary, it is the Guests responsibility to remove trailer, screen room, decks or anything that is put on the site at the Guests expense in a timely fashion, or removal will be made by 341 RV Park for repairs to be made.


● The term “vehicle” refers to any form of transportation with wheels.

● No dog houses, detached animal pens or fences of any kind.

● Keep fires away from overhanging branches and burn low at all times.

● Extinguish all fires before retiring or leaving the campsite.

● Fires are to not be left unattended.

● Fires in permitted containers ONLY.

● Plantings are permitted along the side and back perimeters of your campsite, using only indigenouse plants.


● A fine of $100.00 and / or eviction will be enforced for cutting plant life. If you have bushes, trees, etc, in need of removal or trimming, please check with the Office and Management will take care of it.

● Care and control of your pets are your responsibility.


● 341 RV Park is a natural facility with unimproved roads and trails, therefore, there may be natural hazards due to the terrain and type of recreation offered here.

In order to insure that 341 RV Park remains the type of place we can be proud of and conforms to State and Local Government codes, we must insist that you are aware of and agree to abide by the following regulations:

● Operation after dusk requires the use of a headlight and taillight.

● All vehicles gas, electric, or man powered must abide by the following.

● Obey speed limit.

● No burning leaves or anything that creates excess smoke.

● Keep all fires small.

● Obey fire ban signs when posted.

● Other plants must be portable store bought and manufactured planters.

● Guests will take full responsibility to ensure that everyone in their party is aware of and follows all the rules.

● Guests will not hold 341 RV Park responsible for accidents, injuries, and/or loss of personal property of any kind.

● As a Guest in this Park you acknowledge the possible inherent hazard that may accompany this form of recreation and are willing to proceed at your own risk.

● 341 RV Park reserves the right to restrict the use of any vehicle on the property at our discretion.

● Motorcycle and automobiles are also subject to the following:

● Must be insured and have valid registration.


● Any device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that cause an explosion when ignited are not permitted.


● Site rental applies to persons registered on this form

● BB Guns, slingshot, archery, etc, are NOT permitted.


● All loud noises, voices, radios, etc. must be curtailed at 9pm until 8:00am.


● Guests will follow posted rules in any/ all public areas on campground property.

● NO NOISE!! NO LOUD RADIOS at any time day or night, your neighbors should not have to listen to your music or yelling.

● No personal items should be left in public areas when not in use. This includes, but is not limited to, beach chairs, canopies, grills, pool toys, floats etc. Any items left unattended will be removed and discarded by The 341 RV Park.

● Guests have no expectation for remediation for loss of property or personal injuries to themself or any who are in their party

● Guests understand that 341 RV Park is not responsible for fire, wind, accident, or theft loss.

● No parking on roadside or empty sites.

● May only be operated by a licensed driver.

● Invalid motor vehicles are not to be left on the property for more than ten (10) days after registration expires or vehicles will be towed at Guests expense.

● Obey traffic signs.

● We reserve the right to deny any visitor if the 341 RV Park Guest’s presence cannot be confirmed.

● Add 3% for all credit card payments made in person on 5% for all credit card payments made over the phone.


● Campground Fees that are not paid on or before the Guest’s due date shall subject the Guest to late fees in the amount of $25.00 per month until the payment schedule is up to date.

● Guests are responsible for the actions of ALL Visitors on their site.


● Any dishes installed must be mounted on a camping unit.


● No washing machines permitted.

Pet Policy

No aggressive breeds are allowed. A maximum of two pets are allowed per reservation and the combined weight must be under 80 pounds.


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