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Abrams Creek Campground

166 Abrams Creek Dr, Elk Garden, WV, 26717

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Last Updated: August 9, 2023

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Campground Overview

Abrams Creek is more like a nature preserve than a commercial campground. On our campground, there are no generators, loud electronics, or other things that would distract from appreciating the sights and sounds of this pristine natural environment. Campsites and cabins are well spaced out, so that there is never a feeling of crowding. The campground has 20 acres of hemlock forest bordered by a wild whitewater stream. Some areas are boulders, pools, and turbulent water—great to watch or play in. One large area towards the end of the campground is a calm wading area good for children (with careful supervision of course), and just past that is a deeper section, 5’-7’ deep, that is good for swimming.

Check In

Check In Time: 3PM | When you arrive, please come to the main lodge to register--just bear to the left as you enter the grounds. The address is 166 Abrams Creek Drive, Elk Garden WV 26717. You are welcome on the grounds anytime that day, but your cabin or campsite will not be available until 3 pm. You can check in anytime from 3 pm until midnight, but if you will be arriving after 8 pm, please call when you are on your way so we know about what time to expect you.


Swimming Outdoors, Kayaking & Canoeing, Hiking


General Acknowledgment

Registration and Check-In forms and Payment Mailbox are located at the Kiosk / Bulletin Board on the front porch of the Lodge House -- all fees paid here into secure mailbox mounted on Kiosk. Cabin and Tipi check-out time is by 12:00 noon. Check-in time is 3:00pm or later. Do Check In, sign Liability-Cautions Waiver, and pay all fees immediately after choosing a site

Telephone Service on Premises

The Lodge House at Abram's Creek does have a telephone for emergencies (911). Most cell phones work at the top of the hill 1.2 miles east on Rt. 50 or out at our road sign.

Carry Out Trash & Recycle

A trash dumpster is located in the parking are of the Abram's Creek Lodge House. Do carry out your trash and dispose of it in the dumpster. Recycling is not available on premises (except inside the Lodge) but encouraged.

No Large RV's or Campers

Abram's Creek cannot accommodate large campers or RV's.

Slippery Rocks

Be careful playing on the big boulders in the stream as they can be very slippery when wet, especially after rain. It is recommended that you wear water shoes when walking in the stream for safety and comfort (old tennis shoes best).

Camp Fire Dangers

Camp fires at pre-approved tent and cabin/tipi sites are welcome so long as the following conditions are met: Stone fire circle pits must have been created by or approved by camp management and there must be proper clearance above the fire pit so as not to catch overhead tree branches on fire from drifting sparks / flames (hemlock trees are very combustible during dryer weather) Area around fire pit must be cleared down to mineral soil for a minimum distance of 10 feet around what is being burned. Fires must be extinguished when departing and fires must be attended at all times. If your fire escapes, you are liable for costs of fighting the fire and any damage the fire may cause to others, so please exercise good judgment and caution. Please maintain and improve stone fire pits for future campers. Note: Fire Extinguishers are maintained at the Lodge House. Should a fire ever get out of control, please call 911 and then notify camp management.

Deep Water

Be careful of unexpectedly (abrupt) deep water (in excess of 6 feet) or strong rapids (depending on recent rains), particularly with children. The deep waters are especially common in and around massive boulders where downstream eddies gouge deep holes in the stream floor.

Heavy Rains

The overall stream water depths vary tremendously based on how recently it has rained -- and during and up to a day or more after heavy rains, swimming in the stream can be life threatening.

Flash Floods

For your safety, abandon campsites in the lower plateau (particularly lower lying stream-side sites) near the stream during prolonged heavy rains (> 4 inches of rain in 2 days) and during hurricane season rains as flash floods can happen quickly and unexpectedly; Abram's Creek drains 10 miles of upstream mountains.

Never Swim or Hike Alone

Due to the risks of getting hurt or drowning, never swim or play in the waters of Abram's Creek alone. Further, due the risks of getting hurt or running into wild animals, never hike far from camp alone.

Swim / Play / Hike at Your Own Risk

wimming / Playing on the rocks and in the creek/stream and utilizing the property is at your own risk.

Drugs / Cigarettes / Alchohol

Abram's Creek Retreat and Campground is a substance free (drug free) facility where we encourage the cleansing of the body and spirit. It is preferred that even all tobacco products not be consumed at Abram's Creek -- however, if you must smoke, all cigarette butts must be pocketed or burned -- please do not litter or risk forest fires. While alcohol is allowed in moderation, being drunk near a significant stream imposes risks too great for the owner of Abram's Creek Retreat and cannot be tolerated.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am. During this time, we ask that all guests keep voices and music down, even when walking past campsites or cabins during Quiet hours. Late arrivals may NOT set up camp after 11:00pm. For complaints, please contact campground management.

Pet Policy

Only dogs are allowed at, campsites, cottage, and cabins. All pets must be on a leash at all times.

Yellow Jacket Stings

Yellow Jacket (hornet) nests have been found in the ground on the property in several places (and then exterminated). If stung by a bee or hornet, leave area immediately and then report location so that nest can be exterminated.

Not Responsible for Lost / Stolen Items

Management / Abram's Creek Retreat is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Secure all valuables in a locked vehicle or leave them at home

Water quality

While the waters of Abram's Creek are rich in minerals and abundant with aquatic life, not to mention crystal clear, it is recommended that you do not drink the waters at Abram's Creek as it may contain water born parasites, bacteria, or other elements from farm and mine run-off that our urbanized digestive systems are not used to.

Put Away Food

It is recommended that you do put away all food at night either back in your vehicle or tied up high on a rope overhanging a tree limb or in secure containers. This will limit raccoons, possums, and possibly bears from hanging around people's camps.

Don't Harm Nature / No Firearms

Please don't harm living trees (do not cut for firewood), mosses, ferns, fungus, mushrooms or other living organisms or creatures in the forest. Also no firearms and no hunting.

Never Dive Head First

Diving into water head first can lead to paralysis and death as well as broken necks and damaged spinal columns or brain damage. Never dive head first into stream waters.

Young Children

Young children must be attended by adults at all times.


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