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Lincoln Civic Center RV Park

1096 Industrial Park Rd NE, Brookhaven, MS, 39601

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Last Updated: October 31, 2023

Campsites starting AT

$30per night

Taxes and fees will be calculated at checkout

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Campground Overview

Check In

Check In Time: 12AM | We offer self check-in only, please confirm your site on your reservation and proceed directly to that site when you arrive. Please call us for early or late check-ins, we might be able to accommodate you.


New Wi-Fi available at the LCC RV Park

We have installed a new Wi-Fi system at the RV park that will be available to renters inside the park. Please do not share with guest that could return and use bandwidth meant for those staying the park.

4. We have installed a monitoring system that will be notify management of streaming and content not reflected of our policy. The Wi-Fi is not to be used for pornographic material of any natur

3. This system is made for individuals to check email, upload documents, surf internet and social media. This is not a streaming system nor should it be used as such.

2. Also make sure you are by a window or door and not behind a metal wall when trying to connect at that will slow down the speeds as well.

Things you need to know:

1. The closer to the bathhouse the better speeds, the units 27-32 will receive the slowest speeds.

3. No Tarps on Roof or walls.

2. No busted/tarped/taped or other none standard repairs to exterior windows

5. Please remember when using the system to not stay logged in when not using the service at it takes away speeds from the park system


1. No heating and cooling window Units allowed

4. No major cosmetic/structural changes to exterior unit; including needed repairs to unit.

7. No pets outside the unit without being on a leash held by individual.

6. No storage or parking of trailers or vehicles in other RV slots or grass. No storage of open top/utility trailers that is loaded with material in your

5. No Storage outside the drip line of RV/Camper unless in an enclosed commercially produced storage box.

The above codes will be reviewed and/or posted with or for any new or existing RV park customers on our website, Facebook page and links posted on signage at RV park entrance and drop box area.

9. Payment is due in advance for all lengths of stay up to one month at a time Any additional codes deemed necessary and added by LCC management will be presented and posted for the RV owner the owner's compliance within the following 30-day period after new code is introduced.

8. No removal of wheels or axles or other RV exterior/structural parts

Any RV park customers that have one or more of the prohibited issues listed above will be given until 8/22/2020 to rectify. If the prohibited issue is not brought up to code by 8/22/2020, the owner will remove the unit or the units and all items around the unit by 8/22/2020 or the units will be towed at the owner's expense on 8/23/2020.

If any customer ignores/violates the posted codes and hooks up, or remains hooked up to the RV parks services, the RV will be disconnected and the individual will immediately remove the unit or it will be towed at owners' expense.

If one of the prohibited codes listed above develops while residing in the park, the individual/owner will be given 14 days to comply unless proper documentation is provided of ongoing repairs by a licensed repairman.

Our Mission Statement: To provide Lincoln and surrounding areas with a multi-functional facility for host activities in a clean and family-oriented environment.


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