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Neawanna River RV Park

1032 24th Ave, Seaside, OR, 97138

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Last Updated: November 16, 2023

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$40per night

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Campground Overview

Seaside is a small resort city in northwestern Oregon. Its beach is known for surf breaks and a 1920s promenade. The Seaside Aquarium has touch tanks and a seal exhibit. To the south, Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail climbs a forested cape to Ecola State Park, with views of the 19th-century Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. Rich wildlife includes eagles in the Necanicum River estuary and migrating gray whales.

Check In

Check In Time: 3PM | Please enter at the West entrance off Queen Street for easier access to your space. If you are towing a vehicle, be prepared to drop it at or before check-in.


Kayaking, Kayaking & Canoeing, Surfing, Historic Sightseeing, Biking, Fishing, Boating, Backpacking, Hiking

Area Tips

A cute town with urban amenities coupled with long beaches and world class surf. It is little wonder that Seaside is the most popular beach town in Oregon. With close proximity to Portland (1.5 hour drive) this Summer time destination is a great place to be year-round. Recreational opportunities, like surfing and hiking, plus local restaurants, bars and café’s make Seaside a family friendly tourist town that has retained the quaint charm of the Oregon Coast. Our Seaside Small Home Community offers both long and short term stays in an urban location, walking or short biking distance to downtown. The community sits on Neawanna Creek, a tidal estuary where locals can often be seen kayaking, throwing crab pots, fishing or simply enjoying the beautiful location.


No Leaks Allowed

To keep RV parks safe and clean, you must avoid leaks. This means that when you hook up your hoses to tanks and freshwater be sure nothing leaks from them, such as gray water, freshwater, or sewage. Ensure your tanks also completely seal when hooked up to their hoses. This reduces constant leaks, in turn, reducing smells. If you know your tanks leak a bit when hooked up to the sewage at your site, keep them closed until it’s time to dump. Better yet, get them fixed so they seal correctly and don’t emit unwanted smells throughout the park. No leaks allowed also include engine leaks. Be sure you don’t drip oil or any other mechanical fluids onto the ground. This damages the environment and your vehicle. If you notice a leak, do your best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. And notify the RV park hosts. If they know you’re aware of it and are taking care of it, you’re showing responsibility, and everyone loves to see that.

Limited Under-RV Storage

Most people do not enjoy rodents and insects as pets, and storing things under your RV can attract those unwanted visitors. Additionally, under-RV storage is unsightly and unpleasant, taking away from the beauty of the RV park you so meticulously researched. Nobody needs to know what you store, and nobody wants a parade of ants stomping through their kitchen cabinets. This can also become a fire hazard or cause difficulties if you need to leave quickly. Keep your storage in proper storage compartments, not under the RV.


Please do not run your generator in the park. Generators are only aloud durning power outages.

Quiet Hours

10:00pm to 7am. While this rule isn’t explicitly telling you it’s time to go to bed, it means you need to settle down. Turn down or off the music and keep noise to a minimum. If you want to party all night, a campground with quiet hours is not the place for you. Find a dispersed campsite with little to no people around you so you won’t disturb others.

No Walking Through Occupied Campsites

No matter how much easier getting to the shower house is by cutting through your neighbor’s campsite, don’t do it — not even if the site is vacant. It’s not your property, so don’t be on it. Just as you would want your neighbors and the owners to respect your space, you should do the same with theirs. We have roadways and pathways for walking to community use areas. Use those. Walk on the paths provided for you. You wouldn’t walk through your neighbor’s yard in a traditional home setting, so don’t do it at an RV park, either.

Only Park Your Car in Your Designated Space

It’s tempting to use the vacant space next to you to park your car. We get it. It’s always nice having a bigger yard, especially in an RV park with small sites. However, parking in the space next to you instead of your designated spot causes problems. Contrary to what some may think, RV park owners don’t relish telling their guests that they are doing something wrong. They would much rather have a pleasant conversation over scolding a guest. Plus, you never know when the next guest will come in. They would also much rather meet their neighbors with a “Hello” instead of an uncomfortable, “Could you move your car?” Be respectful and use the space assigned to you, and that’s it. If you need more space, ask ahead of time.

Check In/Out Times

Check In 1pm. If you are arriving before 1pm, please call ahead to make sure your site is available. Fee's apply. Check Out 11am. If you are request a late checkout, please do so by 8am on the date of departure if not sooner. Fee's apply.


Keep your pets leashed, even the cats, or pigs, or whatever exotic animals you may travel with. Not everyone loves your animals as much as you do. If they need to curb their energy, there is a dog park about a mile away. The other crucial rule to follow with pets is to pick up after them. No one wants to walk through an RV park and step in a pile of dog poop. It’s simple; clean up after your dog. Also, be aware of how your pets behave during the day if left alone. If they bark all day long, this can alarm others or get annoying. You may come home to your camper with animal control onsite. Do not allow you to leave pets unattended. Keep your pet with you when you leave the park.


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