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RV Resort Four Seasons

1440 The Dalles Military Road, Walla-walla, WA, 99362

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Last Updated: November 17, 2023

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$60per night

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Campground Overview

If you are having difficulty booking online, please give our office a call for assistance (509)529-6072

RV Resort Four Seasons welcomes you to the scenic Walla Walla Valley. Our valley is home to many activities including wine tasting, historical landmarks, theater, fine art, The Balloon Stampede, Frontier Days County Fair, Walla Walla Sweets Baseball and many more.

We are family-owned and operated right here in Walla Walla, WA. Since our company opened its doors in 1993, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Good Customers will always receive good customer service! Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

We the owners/management of RV Resort Four Seasons will treat you the way we would want to be treated. In return, we ask that you extend the same courtesies to us. We are proud of our Resort and facilities and need your support and cooperation in keeping them in good conditions. Thank you!


Check In

Check In Time: 1PM | Site assignments will be made based on size and RV Type, at the time of arrival including site type. Typically our schedule does not allow site changes from the site assigned. You must use jack pads under your stabilizer jacks and have ample hose and sewer hose to accommodate a rear/drivers side pedestal, water supply and septic. All sites have 30 amp and many have 50 amp also. Please plan ahead for either option. Please check-in at the office prior to pulling in to your site. Stop at the WHITE STOP LINE, prior to moving to your site. We will share any codes that you need such as bathroom codes, etc. Please DO NOT proceed directly to your site as it might have changed. NO TENT OR CAR CAMPING on the premises, no skoolies or conversions will be allowed and Pickup campers must remain on pickup. Please NO early arrivals. Early arrivals may be turned away until check in time or charged an additional fee of $20 or an additional night stay. All sites are subject to change, at park sole discretion, until time of check-in. If arriving after hours you may find your reservation brochure taped near the front door with all your instructions directing you to your site and codes for the restrooms and wifi (which is limited to the office area). We do request that you come in the next morning to complete check-in. If you have NOT made a reservation ahead of time, please make one online OR choose site 20 or 33 for one night only stays, then come into the office in the morning to provide details of your arrival. Thank you. We MUST have your credit card on file prior to being assigned a site. Online booking reserves your space, however you must provide your credit card to our office staff prior to your stay for any incidentals such as late check out, parking issues, damages, etc. All vehicles must be registered in the office with a permit to park, or park out on the public street. Any non-registered vehicles will be towed at owners expense. Due to limited parking, each site may have ONE RV and ONE tow vehicle or towed vehicle. Guests MUST park up front and walk in, they may not park in or around your site for any amount of time or for any reason!


Wildlife Viewing, Shuffleboard, Stargazing, Off-Roading/ATV, Wildlife Viewing, Golf, Historic Sightseeing, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Kayaking & Canoeing, Beer/Wine Tasting, Biking, Badminton, Golf, Beer/Wine Tasting, Biking, Historic Sightseeing, Shuffleboard, Scenic Drives, Stargazing

Area Tips

rv resort four seasons is situated near several popular landmarks and tourist attractions, including

Whitman Mission National Historic Site - Only a 15-minute drive from our RV resort, the Whitman Mission National Historic Site is a fascinating place to explore. Learn about the history of the Whitman Mission and the role it played in the Oregon Trail.

Kirkman House Museum - Just a 15-minute drive from our resort, the Kirkman House Museum is a beautifully preserved Victorian mansion. Explore the historic rooms and learn about life in Walla Walla during the late 1800s.

Fort Walla Walla Museum - Just a 10-minute drive from our resort, the Fort Walla Walla Museum is a must-visit attraction for history buffs. Explore exhibits and artifacts from the area's pioneer and Native American past.

Wine Tasting Tours - Walla Walla is known for its wineries, and there are many great options for wine tasting tours in the area. Some of the top options include Basel Cellars Estate Winery, L'Ecole No 41 Winery, and Woodward Canyon Winery. These wineries are located within a 20-30 minute drive from our resort.

Mill Creek Sports Complex - A popular sports complex with baseball and soccer fields, as well as a skate park and BMX track. Located just 10 minutes from our resort.

Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center - Only a 10-minute drive from our resort, the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center is a historic landmark in Walla Walla. Take a tour of the hotel or enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

These are just a few of the many attractions near RV Resort Four Seasons. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and have a wonderful time exploring all that Walla Walla has to offer!



Our GENERAL cancellation policy requires one week notice. In the event you need to change your reservation we will be happy to change your reservation in the current calendar year, as long as you have given us 7 days notice. If you must cancel your reservation completely, and you are more than 7 days from your arrival date, we do require a one night cancellation fee or $60 minimum (plus the taxes and fees associated with our platform) which are 100% non-refundable. We DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS so we will encourage rescheduling rather than cancellation. We do encourage personal responsibility for any circumstances that occur beyond your (or OUR) control. This includes but is not limited to cancelation of events, illness (including covid), extreme temperatures or unfavorable weather, road and travel conditions or vehicle/rv trouble, change of plans or even death. Please do not schedule a reservation intending to cancel OR expect us to make exceptions to our firm policy. OUR PEAK WEEKEND CANCELLATION POLICY IS 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. (This includes but is not limited to, Spring Release/Mothers day or Fathers day weekend, Graduation weekends, ANY Holiday weekends or weekday where the holiday is during the week and all of Fair week and Balloon Stampede weekend.) Please call our office if in doubt. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. GROUP RESERVATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! INCOMPLETE OR FALSIFIED REGISTRATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION WITHOUT REFUND. Please provide accurate information. All reservations must be placed in the name of the occupying guest. You may not make a reservation for your friend or relative online. ONE Reservation per RV and only one reservation may be made in each persons name for the same time frame. Duplicate reservations may be cancelled without refund. This is considered falsifying a reservation and will not be accepted.

Tent or Car Camping Prohibited and electric vehicles, Pickup campers

NO TENTS or CAR CAMPING IS ALLOWED, only Registered RV's. Please no horse trailers, skoolies or conversions. Electric vehicle charging is not included in the price of stay and will be charged an additional fee. PICKUP CAMPERS MUST REMAIN ON PICKUP AND NOT REMOVED FROM TRUCK. CAR CAMPING AND TENT CAMPING ARE NOT ALLOWED ON PREMESIS. Sleeping must occur in a registered RV, not a vehicle that is not an RV. Electric vehicles, cars, vans and trucks, skoolies and conversions are NOT considered RV's.

Personal Responsibility

Our desire is to provide you with excellent customer service so that your stay is enjoyable and refreshing. In order to accomplish this we do request that you come prepared to adhere to our policies and cooperate with our staff as outlined in our brochure and through our website. It is YOUR responsibility to read and understand the rules of RV Resort Four Seasons. You must agree to our terms and conditions and follow the flow of traffic-directional instructions provided by our staff and indicated in our brochure. Parking is limited to your designated site #. You are responsible for any and all guests and directing them to an appropriate parking area(not in an adjacent site, grass or fire lane). Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may you or your guests park in the street, the grass, vacant sites or surrounding area outside of your OWN SITE! Failure to observe the rules will be considered a breach of your contract, you may denied access or asked to leave without refund if found to be in violation. This applies to your guest as well. You should be prepared with all necessary equipment to accommodate your site, including but not limited to REQUIRED jack pads, leveling risers, extra long hose, sewer hose and adapters. A limited store is available for forgotten items, however it is YOUR responsibility to adapt to our park site as assigned. We cannot be held responsible for acts of nature, fires, snow, extreme temperatures, any kind of weather occurrence, power outages, family emergencies, health issues, hospitalization or death in the family, mechanical and vehicle break downs, equipment failure, change of plans, road closures, governmental shut downs, a sick pet, the price of fuel, etc...(you get the idea). YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR RESERVATION AND THE CANCELATION OF IT WITHIN OUR CANCELLATION POLICY. If you are uncertain of your plans, we caution you to wait to make a reservation until your plans are solid. Our clear and firm, ONE NIGHT/$60 minimum cancellation fee applies to ALL RESERVATIONS! (Peak weekends are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.) We feel that this is fair and the cost of making a reservation vs. hoping a site is available when I need or want it. We call it "Pay to Play" :) GROUP RESERVATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

Check in/check out policy

Site assignments will be made at time of arrival. Specific site numbers cannot be guaranteed. Check-in is any time AFTER 1:00pm day of arrival. Our office is closed from 12:00


All RENT is payable in advance, prior to arrival. Any balances due should be paid 7 days prior to arrival. Rates are based on two persons: there is an additional charge of $1.00 per person per night, or $50 for monthly per person. Credit cards are required to remain on file for incidentals upon arrival, for example, damages caused or late check-out without pre-arrangement, etc. $5 per night for additional vehicle charges also apply and must adhere to our extremely limited parking area, requiring strictly enforced parking policy


Children must be supervised and accompanied at all times by an adult over the age of 18. We have LARGE RV's coming and going throughout the park and watching for children can be difficult. The RV park is not a safe or suitable place for children to play without direct supervision by an attentive adult, not an older child. We are in close proximity to the Fort Walla Walla BMX course and skate park, but RV Resort Four Seasons has a limited area for children to play, without danger, unsupervised. ALL CHILDRENS TEAMS must follow the rules of the park in regard to bike riding, skateboarding and unsupervised children. Thank you for making our park safe for everyone.

Parking and Extra Vehicles

Each site may have one RV and one vehicle! Vehicles are to be parked in the space allotted only. Additional parking is extremely limited and on a first come basis or out on the public street. Extra vehicles will be charged @$5.00 per day. Additional charges may apply for any violations. The park streets are to be kept clear for emergency vehicles and traffic access. No parking near the trash container. Parking in any unauthorized areas (other sites, on the streets, etc) WILL be subject to being towed away, at your own expense, being charged $100 fine to credit card on file or being asked to leave without a refund) This is strictly enforced.


Registrants are responsible for any damages to the resort facilities and any of their guest who cause damage. Site must be returned to original state upon departure.

Things to Avoid:

No open fires including propane fire pits as we are in the city limits. No bikes or walking between RV Sites, or in our RV park entrance. No firearms. No fireworks. No littering. No parking anywhere except your designated site. Violation of rules may result in your being asked to leave without refund or extra charges may be applied for damage caused. RV & vehicle washing on your site is prohibited, only in the designated area.


We will happily change your reservation to different dates in the current calendar year, as long as you have given us a weeks notice (as per our cancelation policy) however, we do not give refunds! Early departures or no shows will not be given a refund.

Maximum stay is 7 nights without approval.

We do require administrative approval for all stays longer than seven days. Please call our office to consider your options. Booking online will not be allowed for more than the seven day limit. Each additional week must be booked from our office. You may not stay more than 4 consecutive weeks (28 days) without leaving the park for 72 or more hours. Grass sites also have a limit of 7 continuous days. Monthly consideration will only be given to stays MORE than 2 months in duration and subject to full application, approval and availability.

One Reservation per RV (person) and group reservations

Each reservation must be made by and in the name of the user of the reservation. Please do not make multiple reservations for the same time frame under the same name. Each RV must be occupied by the owner of the RV and with the reservation holder, using their own personal information and credit card. Duplicate reservations will be cancelled at your own expense, as per our cancellation policy. If in doubt, please call our office for further information and instruction. Some reservation dates are non-refundable and non-changeable so please consider this when making reservations. Group Reservations may ONLY be made through our office!!!

Seasonal water in site

Our park is seasonal in nature. We must winterize our water in site due to freezing temperatures, during the months of Oct-April. If you are booking during those months, you may not have water in your site. You are always able to fill you tank from our frost-free faucet upon arrival. Thank you for your understanding


**Certain breeds of dogs are disallowed by our insurance provider: Akita, Alaska Malamutes, Chows, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Huskies, Pit Bulls (American Staffordhshire Terriers), Rottweilers, St. Bernard's.** If you book your reservation including one of these breeds, your reservation WILL be cancelled. Aggressive dogs of any breed will not be allowed to remain on premises. You will not be allowed to stay in the park, nor will we provide a refund if you arrive with any of these breeds. (Max 3 pets total) Pets are not permitted inside any buildings, must be on a leash at all times and are not to be left unattended for any length of time. Tie pets to RV only, not any park water lines, electric pedestals or park property. Pet Fencing is NOT allowed in park. Do not walk pets between sites and do not let pets bark continuously. Pet litter must be picked up immediately and walked in designated pet area.


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