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Sunrise Mobile Home & RV Park

309 South Minnesota St, Conrad, MT, 59425

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Last Updated: July 17, 2023

Campsites starting AT

$50per night

Taxes and fees will be calculated at checkout

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Campground Overview

Sunrise Mobile Home Park and RV is a very basic, but affordable RV park.  We have an area dedicated to RVs, clean bathrooms, and a laundromat facility.  

We also offer lots for mobile homes. These lots can be used RVs as well, and are more suitable for longer term leases.

There is a small playground on the other side of the mobile home park.  Other than that, we are very basic.  Our tenants are usually long term traveling nurses, construction workers and farm workers, rather than RVers visiting Conrad for leisure.

Check In

Check In Time: 12AM | Upon check-in, you can proceed directly to your designated site.


RV Rules

No cigarette butts on grounds of illegal Drug use will not be tolerated, will be asked to leave

Mobile Home Cold Weather

From late October through April, the weather in Montana can be very cold and very unpredictable. If damage occurs due to your failure to comply with these precautions, you will be held responsible for the cost of repairs. Do not leave your home unattended for more than one day at a time. If you must be gone for an extended period, be sure to notify the Manager and tell us who will be checking your unit while you are gone. During extremely cold weather, your unit must be checked daily. Do not turn your heat or electricity off. Leave the heat no lower than 55 degrees. Montana The code requires tenants to notify the manager of any absence for more than 7 days. Keep all windows shut to conserve energy. Do not leave windows or doors open for pets. When the temperature gets to 0, open cupboard doors under sinks and leave water dripping slightly on all faucets if you live in an older unit. Do not leave dripping water unattended. Disconnect all hoses from outside faucets until spring. Replace furnace filters monthly, the furnace will run more efficiently if you do. Keep all items at least 3 feet from heaters. Remember to check your smoke detector monthly. If it doesn’t work, replace the battery. If it still doesn’t work, call us. USE COMMON SENSE – COLD WEATHER CAN BE DANGEROUS

Mobile Home Lot Upkeep and Maintenance

The space is rented to you to have a place to set up your home, not for the storage of your personal belongings. Bicycles, barbecues, lawn furniture, kids’ toys, and other items are acceptable items to be left outside. Couches and other household furniture, tires and wheels, auto parts, garbage, recyclables, tools, and other like items are not acceptable items to be stored outside. No trash, litter, building supplies, recyclables, furniture, appliances, or other items are to be left in the yard, nothing is to be dumped in any alley or roadway Additions to the mobile home are not permitted without manager approval. This includes but is not limited to, building additions, decks, covered porches, and sheds. Mobile Home residents are responsible for the maintenance of their lot, watering, mowing, and trimming. They are not responsible for the maintenance of the trees within the park, that is the responsibility of the park manager. Residents are responsible for the maintenance of the sewer line from the ground up. They are also responsible below ground if they have put something in the sewer line that has caused the blockage. Tree roots, broken lines and septic systems are the responsibility of the owner. Paper towels, newspapers, bottle caps, grease, feminine hygiene products, food, toys, and other like items do not belong in sewer lines. Residents are responsible for the water line from the connection into the home. Residents are also responsible to protect the water line outside the home to prevent freezing. Residents are responsible for their own electrical and gas services. The park owner is responsible for the condition of the main electrical shutoff to each unit. Residents are responsible for resetting the main breaker if it should trip. Skirting must be installed on all units within 30 days of installation of the mobile home in the park. Skirting is to be kept properly always attached to unit. The skirting must be sealed to keep animals from getting under the trailer. All wood structures are to be kept painted, to include steps, porches, wood skirting, woodsheds, additions, decks, and wood porch/deck covers. All woodstove fuel (logs, etc.) must be neatly stacked and stored at least 10 feet away from structures. All homes are to have a unit number affixed to unit, visible from the street or drive, that is reflective and at least 2” tall. The health department requires this for emergency purposes. On occasion, we may require that the outside of a home be painted or washed. You can often avoid the painting by cleaning the outside of the unit once a year. No trampolines, no wading or swimming pools in the yard.

Mobile Home Noise Restrictions

Residents are responsible to others in the park for noise disturbances. The law states that everyone is entitled to quiet enjoyment of his or her home. Please respect your neighbors. See MCA 70-24-321 (1) (I)

Mobile Home Pet Restrictions

For a pet to be allowed in the park it must be specifically authorized by park management. When pets are allowed, they will be limited to one dog and one cat, unless otherwise arranged. In all cases, pets are to be registered and have all required licenses. In addition, pets are not to be left outside all night. Dogs are not to be left outside without the residents being in the premises. If the resident is gone, the dog must be left inside the RV/ house. Do not allow dogs to destroy the yard by digging holes and destroying the grass. Do not allow dogs to bark, in such a way that they disturb the neighbors. Clean up dog messes daily. Cats are not to be allowed to roam outside freely and are to have identification collars and tags on them when outside.

Mobile Home Vehicle Parking

Parking on the property is designated for the residents of the park. If you wish to allow your guests to park in your spaces, that is okay, but they may not park in front of other units, nor may you. All vehicles must have a license with current tags and be in running condition, with no flat tires. Please drive with care and watch for children playing.

Mobile Home Rules and Regulations

This mobile home park is subject to Title 50 Chapter 52 of Montana Code, MCA 70-24 & 25 and all applicable City, County, and State laws. This means, among other things, that there is at least a yearly inspection by the city-county health department.

RV SItes Rules

-No USPS mail delivery at the physical address of RV Park, please use general delivery at Post Office. Fed Ex and UPS delivery to space # is permissible.


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