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The Landing Strip Campground

491 Filtration Plant Road, Morehead, Kentucky, 40351

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Last Updated: October 20, 2023

Campsites starting AT

$45per night

Taxes and fees will be calculated at checkout

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Campground Overview

Check In

Check In Time: 12AM | Please come to the office and we will guide you to your site. If you plan to check in earlier or later than the usual time, please contact us in advance.



No large fire outside or on the rink and no flame length 3 ft above the rig


Pets need to be kept on a leash or in a movable fence area, along with keeping the site clean from fecal matter and picked up when walking the dog outside of the campsite. Also, we will need to have proof of rabies vaccination records. Campers unable to control their pets may be asked to leave the campground. No Aggressive animals. They need to be kept on a leash or a movable temporary fence.

Behavior Rules

A camper or a camper’s guest shall not engage in fighting; threatening or abusive language; or lewd acts, or conduct that causes public inconvenience, annoyance, alarm, unreasonable noise, or is disturbing to campground patrons. Failure to comply with paragraph of this subsection may result in arrest, fine, or eviction from the park property. A person identified by the park manager as being in violation of this administrative regulation may: Have his or her permit revoked. If the permit is revoked pursuant to this subsection, the permit fee shall be nonrefundable. Have his or her four (4) wheeler, all-terrain vehicle, utility type vehicle, moped, golf cart, horse trailer, or similar vehicle towed to the nearest licensed towing facility; and be removed from the park premises.


Campsites may be reserved by telephone or via the Internet. A camper shall register at the entrance gate or designated area and shall receive a campsite assignment from the gate attendant, which shall be noted with a camping permit. A camper shall not change a campsite assignment unless permission to move is granted by the gate attendant.


Alcoholic beverages shall not be publicly displayed.


Fireworks shall not be allowed at the campground.


Motorbikes, motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds in the campground shall be restricted to regular roadways for use in entering and exiting only. Four (4) Wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, utility-type vehicles, or similar vehicles may be prohibited within portions of the campground in areas designated by the park manager. A driver shall be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a valid driver’s license. A vehicle shall be properly muffled and shall stay on paved roads.

Local Pond

The pond located on site is open to catch-and-release fishing. No swimming is allowed in the pond. It is recommended that anyone around the pond area utilize a Life jacket or form of PFD. Children will be required to be accompanied by an adult. The Landingstrip Campground and affiliates of the property are not held responsible for injury or death.

Animal Foods

To prevent issues with animals, put all food up after meals and do not leave it out while leaving the campsite during the day.


While staying at the campground any damages that are incurred by the tenant will have a cost recovery associated with the incident. A report will be generated, and billing will be transferred to the tenant.


Stay within the boundaries of your campsite and do not encroach on other campers. Do not walk through occupied campsites while at the campground

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are considered from 10 pm to 7 am. No loud music or parties are allowed during these times. This may also be addressed beforehand if disruption of other campers occurs. This is not to prevent enjoying yourself while at the campground but to ensure everyone respects others.

Gray & Black water

Gray and black water will be disposed of via the onsite sewer hookups for each site. There should be no water disposed of on the ground of the campsite itself.

Speed Limit

The speed limit max is 5 MPH when entering the campground and areas around the campsite.

Campfire wood

Campfire wood should either be brought by the camper or can be purchased onsite. No wood shall be used from the surrounding areas or trees cut down. Fire shall be maintained at a reasonable level and not to exceed an excessive flame length.


Remove and dispose of all garbage during your stay and upon departing from the campground from your stay. Trash is taken to the dumpster by the office


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