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Southbound RV Park and Cabins

6234 US Highway 59 South, Victoria, TX, 77905

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Last Updated: November 2, 2021

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$48per night

Taxes and fees will be calculated at checkout

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Campground Overview

Do you want to get away in the country without getting too far from the convenience of the city? With the recent addition of adjacent acreage, Southbound RV Park and Cabins now boasts 55 acres of tucked away country paradise while remaining only 15 minutes from Victoria. Have an RV? Great! We offer full 30/50 amp service sites equipped with WiFi and cable. Glamping more of your style? We've got you covered! Our newest Luxury Longhorn Lodges are just the escape you need and for those wanting a cabin getaway, prepare to enjoy one of our beautiful cabins all of which are fully furnished, east boasting a full size kitchen, one or two bedrooms, a living area, bathroom and covered porch. One may enjoy many outdoor activities that include kayaking, fishing and canoeing. Take advantage of the many amenities offered such as a propane refilling station, laundry facilities, a general store and a playground. Whether its for a night or two, we hope to see you soon!

Check In

Check In Time: 3PM | We offer both in person check-in during office hours and contactless check in via our online guest portal. All reservations will receive an email prior to arrival with instructions on how to log in to our guest portal and sign our terms and conditions and provide ID without coming to the office. If you need to check in outside of office hours, you will be required to use our guest portal for a contactless check in.


Kayaking, Fishing, Canoeing, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, Backpacking, Stargazing


Operation of a business

The operation of a business on the RV Site or on the property is prohibited.

Flag Display

The only flags allowed on display at your campsite are the American Flag, the Texas Flag, and the Come and Take It Flag.

Speed Limit

The speed limit is 5 MPH. Please make sure your guests also abide by the speed limit. Only you can prevent more speed bumps.

Hazardous Materials

The storage of hazardous materials on the RV Site or anywhere on the property is prohibited. ​​​​​​​

Keep area clean

Keep your site litter-free, including cigarette butts. Remember, Safe, Clean, and Quiet.

Fire Safety

Fires must be in grills only and must not be left unattended. No firepits or campfires.

RV Wash

We do not mind if you wash your camper, but please use a spray nozzle to minimize water use. ​​​​​​​

Pet Policy

We must have a copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination on file in the office. Regrettably, we do not allow the following dog breeds; Pit Bulls including Bully breeds, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Akitas, and Chows. ​​​​ When outside of your camper, PETS (dogs & cats) must be on a leash and with you always. No leaving pets outside unattended, even if in a portable fence or on a leash/tie out. ​​​​​​​ Please CLEAN UP after your pet. If it becomes necessary for us to clean up after your pet, we will charge a $25 fee per occurrence. Leaving dog poo in your site or grassy area in front of your site will be taken as consent from you that you want this poo pick-up service which will be charged to your card on file. In addition, if we observe you leaving poo in common areas, we will clean up the poo and charge your card on file $25 per occurrence fee. ​​​​​​​ If your pet is aggressive towards other guests or pets, we will ask you to leave without exception. There is zero tolerance for aggressive animals. This is to provide a safe environment for all our guests. We encourage you to report any animal that you see being aggressive so that we may respond. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​


Do NOT leave trash bags outside of your camper/cabin. Country critters are likely to get into it. ​​​​​​​

A sewer hose ‘donut’ or elbow connector is required

A sewer hose ‘donut’ or elbow connector is required. This is in order to contain sewer gases to the sewer system and keep the hose from extending too far into the pipe and obstructing flow.

Clotheslines are PROHIBITED. ​​​​​​​

Clotheslines are PROHIBITED. ​​​​​​​

Check out procedure

Guests must check out with the office before departing. ​​​​​​​


All Guests and visitors must check in with the office before the office closes at 7 pm if staying on the property past 10 pm. This means that if you are having someone stay over at your site or cabin, you must have them check-in at the office. ​​​​​​​

No 18-wheeler parking

No 18-wheeler parking or parking trailers along park roads at anytime. ​​​​​​​

Extended stay

Extended stay guests must notify the office if their camper will be pulled out of their site for maintenance or a trip. If you do not inform us of your absence, we will assume you have checked out and the site is open for incoming reservations.

Cabin Cleaning

Cabins will be cleaned by staff once a week and linens & towels refreshed at that time. Cleaning may not be deferred more than one week in a row. If you need additional services, please let us know in the office.

Damage to the interior of the cabins

Damage to the interior of the cabins will not be tolerated. We do take into account normal wear & tear. Any excessive damage will warrant immediately being asked to leave without a refund and you will be liable for any repairs.

Additional Parking

You may park additional vehicles, trailers, or cargo trailers on your site at no charge, provided they are neat and clean and do not contain hazardous chemicals. If you do not have room in your site or cabin parking area, additional storage for vehicles, cargo trailers, etc is available onsite in a designated place in the back by the shop at a monthly fee. Storage for anything less than 25 feet is $25 a month. For items more than 25ft, the charge is $50. Monthly fees will not be prorated for shorter periods. In addition to the above rules, the following rules apply to our cabins:

No smoking in the cabins

No smoking in the cabins at all. You may smoke on the decks or outside as long as you place cigarette butts in an appropriate container. If you smoke in the cabins, you will be charged a $500 cleaning fee in addition to losing your deposit.

Fire Hazards

Any item or activity that may present a fire hazard is prohibited, included but not limited to candles, incense, fireworks, and any open flame devices such as grills or firepits.

Wall Decors

The use of nails, screws, pins, or staplers to hang items on the walls in the cabins is prohibited. Failure to follow this rule will cause forfeiture of deposit and possibly incur additional fees for wall damage.


AFFIRMATION *As a customer of Southbound RV Park & Cabins I FULLY UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT THESE RULES & ANY OTHER ATTACHED PARK RULES. *I also agree to vacate the premises at the request of management if I violate these rules and regulations, without a refund of any kind. *This agreement does not constitute a landlord / tenant agreement. Payment for sites is entirely for services rendered UNDER A HOST/GUEST ARRANGEMENT.

Quiet hours

Quiet hours are from 10:00PM

Rent & Payments

Rent & payment for electricity are due nightly, weekly, or monthly. If you arrive on the 5th and pay for a month, your rent will be due on the 5th of the following month by 11am. If you arrive on a Monday and pay for a week, your rent will be due the following Monday by 11am, and so on. We do not prorate rent payments. You may pay the nightly, weekly, or monthly rate as applicable, whichever best meets your financial needs. All guests must have a card on file at the park office. If payment is not received in the office by 11am on the day that payment is due, by signing this agreement you agree that Southbound RV Park may charge your card onfile for rent due. If your card on file is declined, and payment is not made in full by 11 am on the day that it is due, you will be subject to a $50 late fee and will need to make payment including late fees within two days. We will at no time allow guests to stay beyond this without having paid in advance.

Returned checks

Returned checks will be subject to a $25 return check fee plus the $50 late fee due. After notification of the returned check, guest must make payment in full including late fee within two days.

Included Guest per Reservation

The # of persons occupying the RV shall not exceed 5 people including children for extended stay guests. This applies to any reservation staying over four days. A penalty of $100.00 per person will be charged if the occupancy rule is violated.

RV Restrictions

All campers must be in good condition without any obvious external defects or non-factory repairs. RVs older than 10 years must be approved by management prior to making a reservation.

Window A/C

No window A/C units allowed.

Additional Guest

Additionally, the standard rate is for up to 2 adult guests. Additional guests will incur additional fees. Failure to accurately report the number of guests occupying the RV will result in a penalty of $100 plus the appropriate fees for the number of additional persons and these fees will be assessed from the beginning of your site rental agreement.

Public intoxication

No public intoxication will be tolerated.

Appliances outside

We do not allow any household appliances outside of the RV except freezers (if kept neat). For example no washers, dryers, microwaves, etc. If it was not designed to be outside, it is not allowed outside.

Disorderly behavior

Loud, obnoxious, disorderly, boisterous, or unlawful conduct or conduct that disturbs or threatens the rights, comfort, or convenience of others in or near the property will not be tolerated.

Site Cleanliness

The space you are renting is neat, clean & adequate for your RV. Please keep it that way & return the RV Site upon termination or expiration of your site rental agreement in the same condition provided. Do not make any changes to the RV Site without the prior written consent of the park.


No display, discharge or possession of a gun, knife or other weapon in any way that may alarm others is allowed.


Violence or the threat of violence will not be tolerated.

Illegal Drugs

The possession, sale, or manufacture of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on the RV Site or anywhere on the property is prohibited.


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