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Best Restaurants in BarcelonaYulia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock.com
The easiest thing is to divide Barcelona’s overwhelming range of restaurants into two categories: the new and the old. Some of the world’s most modern restaurants, managed by the world’s most innovative chefs (the most famous is Ferrán Adrià) can be found here, but there is also traditional Catalonian cuisine, which, despite being heavy on occasion, includes very good vegetable dishes (samfaina, a kind of ratatouille, escalivada, grilled, peeled peppers, aubergines and onions espinacs a la catalan, spinach fried with garlic, pine nuts and raisins). Best known is the simple rustic pa amb tomàquet: a slice of bread with olive oil, salt and freshly crushed tomatoes.
"The new ones" in particular may be expensive, but many of the best known chefs’ apprentices have now opened their own lower-priced restaurants. Generally speaking, "the old ones" provide better value for money, although even the traditional restaurants know how to charge. You should always reserve a table in Barcelona. Dinner is not served until 9pm.
Cal PepCal Pep is a very popular tapas bar and restaurant. It is best to jostle your way to the bar and let Pep himself recommend the best hors d’oeuvres. Otherwise, there are also tables and a quieter dining room further in. Offered is a mixture of traditional and innovative cooking.
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Banna RestaurantLocated in the heart of Gràcia, Banna is a restaurant whose Thai chef team from Xishuangbanna cooks to perfection with the freshest ingredients from Barcelona's markets. Choose from the a la carte, daily set menu or sampling menu. Authentic Thai food with great value for money can be enjoyed here.
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Due SpaghiCatalan Italian restaurant, which is reflected in its culinary tendencies. There’s a wide range of dishes and delicacies to choose from, and their speciality is pappardelle al ragu de conejo. The location is perfect, really close to Plaça Universitat, away from busy areas.
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Toto RestaurantToto offers Italian-inspired meals, simple and based on seasonal products. They offer a short menu that changes every day. The wood oven and grill are the real stars of the restaurant, and offer guests unforgettable flavors.
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El Filete RusoQuality food served by the friendly staff can be enjoyed at El Filete Ruso, where organic meats, hamburger, steak tartar, entrecote and tapas can be found on the menu. Enjoy your meal on the lovely terrace and watch the world go by.
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La Cantina MexicanaOnly a steps away from the Sagrada Familia, come and discover La Cantina Mexicana restaurant. In this true Mexican taquería with a young and family-friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy a present-day Mexican cuisine, prepared with the best fresh products straight imported from Mexico.
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Poble Espanyol: the richness of traditional Spanish cuisineThe wide range of bars and restaurants in Poble Espanyol allow you to discover the variety and richness of Spanish cuisine, known worldwide. Enjoying an excellent paella or delicious tapas in a peaceful environment is quite an experience. And if the weather permits, why not relax on one of the pleasant terraces too?
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UmaUma, a highly appreciated restaurant among locals and tourist alike, will be an experience you will not forget. This small place is run by the chef and his wife, who do personal cooking in a charming and exclusive environment. The dynamic tasting menu with 14 dishes is prepared with high quality products, with the starters served in the kitchen.
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BlavisTucked away on a small side street, Blavis offers truly a great culinary experience in a uniquely intimate atmosphere. The owners, Paco and Marc, are an attentive and warm team and offer simple yet mouthwatering tapas dishes. The place is small and seats only 18 people so booking in advance is recommended.
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AccésAcces is a lavish restaurant that serves exquisite modern Mediterranean cuisine in a stylish ambience. Beautiful dishes are prepared by the professional chefs in the open kitchen for everyone to observe. Pan-seared scallops with crispy bacon, baked hake with artichoke confit and filet of beef are some of the lovely, mouth-watering dishes on the menu.
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Carlota AkaneyaInspired by a famous restaurant in Kyoto, Carlota Akaneya is the first sumiyaki in Barcelona. What makes it special is the grill placed in the center of the table where you cook the impeccable quality meats, fish and vegetables. So if traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine is what you are looking for, then this is the place to head for.
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Café ManilaFounders Fede and Alex are the duo behind this simple and well decorated restaurant and cocktail bar where Asian/Spanish fusion food is served. The seasonal menu features dishes meant to be shared, and, while here, you should ask the mixologist for his recommendation and let the perfect drink tantalize your taste buds.
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Piazze D'ItaliaThis simple and cozy small Italian restaurant is a hidden gem compared to the many tourist traps a few streets away. Homemade pasta and pizza dishes are served every day by the attentive staff.
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Viana BarcelonaWhen dining at Viana Barcelona, one can relish the beautifully presented modern take on tapas. Although the restaurant is tiny and noisy, the delicious food and the excellent service make it all worth it. The food is also reasonably priced.
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Restaurant MIANIf Chinese dumplings commonly is something you you're in the mood for, then this is the place to go to. The authentic Chinese cuisine often presented in a bamboo steamer is perfectly balanced with sweet, salty and sour flavors. Besides serving dim sum, they also have noodle soups, fried rice and wok dishes, and it is all reasonably priced.
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