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Barcelona’s café culture is half Italian, and comes with its own set of simple rules: café con leche (café amb llet in Catalan) is for breakfast, preferably with a croissant; mid-day, especially after a meal, the locals have an espresso, café solo (un café) or a cortado (un tallat), which is an espresso with milk (café Americano is what some would call watered down versions of the two first coffees); in the afternoon, or after dinner, order a café solo corto, a strong espresso, or a carajillo—a café solo with Spanish brandy.Café de l'ÒperaIf you are searching for a classic, Café de l'Òpera is once place that holds such a status. Come here and you will definitely feel yourself transported back in time, served by the friendly staff. Apart from that, their coffees, churros and cakes are simply superb; don't miss out on their marvelous hot chocolate.
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Satan's Coffee CornerThe coolest coffee house in Barcelona may be small but it does not lack in personality and customer loyalty. Coming from a family of coffee makers, Marcos Bartolomé set up Satan's Coffee Corner and started creating his own original and creatively named blends, which are possibly the best coffee available in the city.
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Café SalambóFamed for its exquisite and varied cocktails and wooden decor that gives the place a homey feeling, Café Salambó attracts a young and vibrant crowd, many of whom stop by for a snack and a bite to eat before or after a visit to the nearby Verdi Park cinema.
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Cafés El Magnífico"Magnifico" in both name and quality, this high-end coffee house allows its patrons to try different types of coffee and speciality blends in the shop's sampling area before deciding what to order. Many customers choose to take some beans home with them, which attests to their high quality and exquisite flavor.
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Granja M. ViaderBarcelona's traditional cafes are known as "granjas", and M. Viader may be one of the most famous. It remains after all these years a great place to try the traditional cacaolat (a Catalan chocolate drink), always best paired with churros. The whole place oozes charm and personality, and staff and clientele alike ensure that it is always lively.
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CaelumOffering a wealth of sweets, treats and pastries, Caelum aims to satisfy even the most discerning visitors' sweet tooth. The products on offer are made by monks and nuns in various monasteries and convents located around the region, and they can be enjoyed along with a steaming coffee in the small cafe area of the shop.
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Café GodotCafé Godot is a fine choice for either groups of friends, that can seat at one of the wooden or marble tables available, or families, since it comes with an area designed for kids, with a blackboard and toys. Their menu features light meals like sandwiches, salads and quiches, as well as more elaborate dishes like aubergine and onion ravioli as well as duck confit.
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Churrería LaietanaSitting in the small ambience in Barcelona's central city or taking away your snack of desire. The Churrería Laietana freshly prepares traditional Spanish churros and serves them alongside a dip of creamy chocolate. Hand in hand with a cup of coffee or tea, it is a great place for breakfast or a time-out in while exploring the city of Barcelona.
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SweetalyHonoring its name, this cafe sells sweet jams, creams, crepes, croissants and sorbet. Escape the Spanish sun for a moment and cool down your system with a coconut, hazelnut, Nutella or vanilla ice cream or a strawberry, citrus or mango sorbet. Of course, hot Italian coffee and other warm dishes are also being served.
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ItacateGood vibes and healthy food are the focal point of the Itacate cafeteria. Offering a variety of juices, smoothies, bowls, soups, salads, bagels and sandwiches with colorful ingredients, this cafeteria also provides many choices for those living a vegan lifestyle.
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